Neutral Nail Art Ideas

Nails have gone from having the simple mani and pedi to getting a full on spa experience complete with awesome nails art designs to boot! Nail art has been so popular in the last few years and there are just so many designs to choose from. When nail art first became a trend, every single girl went and booked a nail appointment to get one. Today, nail art just became a whole lot more accessible with so many brands coming out with their own line of nail art tools and equipment that make decorating the nails a breeze. If you’re looking for neutral nail art ideas, check out the ones we have below. These designs use neutral colors for the base and some other colors for the whole design and the results are super chic and fabulous.

  • Burberry inspired nails – don’t you ever wish you could wear Burberry all the time, from sun up to sun down? Well, that may be a little to expensive to fulfill but we have a fun and cute alternative that I’m sure all Burberry fans will love: Burberry inspired nail art! You’ll need the signature Burberry colors to create this nail art design. it’s really simple as you only need to line your nails with different colors to create the signature Burberry checkered look.

burberry nail guide burberry inspired nails art

  • Neutral color graduation – this is one of my favorite neutral nail art designs of all time! it’s so simple yet so gorgeous and amazing.  For this nail art design, you’ll need 5 different nail polish colors with each one being either lighter or darker than the next color. Paint each nail a different color going from lightest to darkest or darkest to lightest (however you prefer to do it) to achieve a cool gradient color progression. This is perfect for those who want something a little artsy on their nails but don’t want anything too ornate.

neutral color graduation

nude to gray graduation

  • Animal prints – one of the easiest and most common nail art design you’ll think of when you’re planning on using neutral colors is the animal print design. Zebra prints (black and white), cheetah prints (nude, black and brown) and giraffe prints (shades of brown) are just some of the exciting animal print designs you can do for your nails. If you think that doing these using the freehand technique is way too complicated, you can always use those nail decals you can get from the drugstore for a more precise and a more perfect outcome.

bnw animal print cheetah print nails

  • Neutral chevron – chevron is on trend for spring and summer so why not do a little chevron nail art? You can do it with neutral colors so it doesn’t clash and compete with your colorful spring and summer outfits. To make sure your neutral chevron nail art doesn’t look too boring, you can play with the texture a bit and use matte with glossy and / or glitter polishes.

textured chevron chevron nails in neutral

  • Geometric color block – this is a really simple and classy nail art design that you can do if you don’t want anything too complicated to make. You’ll need at least three colors to complete the design and you’ll be doing any geometric pattern that you like (it doesn’t necessarily have to cover the whole nail).

geometric neutral color block white tan and brown