Stunning Pageant Dresses for Evening Gown Competitions

In any pageant, aside from the swimsuit competition that men love, the most anticipated portion of the show is the evening gown competition. Well, this is the part when candidates showcase elegance, class, wit, and confidence in wearing their pageant dresses. For candidates, choosing their pageant dress may be very stressful because you would want to look best among the rest of the candidates.  Choosing beauty pageant dresses may be difficult so we are giving you some recommendations of winning girl’s  pageant dresses.

This girl’s pageant dress by the reigning Miss Universe Ms. Angola is a stunner during the 2011 Miss Universe pageant. The gown is simply exquisite and matches very tall ladies with its high leg slit. The color reflects the stage lights so well making you a dazzling beauty queen as you walk.

Pageant dress

For extraordinary beautiful ladies, this white pageant dress is a symbol of true beauty. Even without dazzling dress highlights, it reveals true beauty and elegance. Miss Ukraine is simply gorgeous in this dress.

Elegant pageant dress

Rhinestones and crystals are best if you want to shine in front of the audience. Match them with dark color to make the rhinestones glare in light.

Pageant dresses

Another perfect dress for pageants is this mermaid-inspired dress. As you walk through the stage, the mermaid train sways with grace. This dress might have been one of the factors that Miss Michigan, Rina Fakih, won Miss USA 2010.

Pageant gown

Red and black are classic in beauty pageant dresses. They look very classy and very safe to wear as anyone wearing red or black gown will look gorgeous. Plus, the oblique rhinestone design highlights your waist for a sexier look.

Girl's pageant dress

Tulle pageants dresses are also very stylish in evening gown competition. Look charming and smart with this aquamarine or blue gown that creates a “stunning mermaid” look on the stage.

Tulle Pageant Dress

If you want to show your curves while you glide in stage, this purple dress is the best. You will not only look young with its color, but creates an overall title holder look. Most beauty queens choose this gown design.

Beauty Pageant Dress

Beauty pageants also look for unique beauty pageant gowns that look best with the candidates. This pink dress highlighted with multi-colored dress designs is very stunning and very unique. Match it with confidence and you will surely get the attention of the judges.

Stunning Pageant Dress

Aside from extravagant designs, this simple black dress may just win you the best in evening gown award because of a very elegant look. Match it with dazzling earrings to add some highlights.

Pageant dress for girls

Some women also prefer this Cinderella-inspired evening gown design as it surely catches attention.

Sweetheart Pageant Dress

As much as the gown is essential for any pageant, the one wearing it is still more important. How you carry yourself and the dress is the basic criteria for judging.