Reasons to Consider Changing Up Your Wardrobe

Building a wardrobe that works perfectly for you and your lifestyle can take a while and it can be a tricky process, too. There are so many things to consider when adding pieces to an expanding wardrobe. These things including knowing which styles, colors, prints and patterns flatter you as well as which brands you are most comfortable with and also what staples you should have more of. Of course, it would be wise to start building your closet with the basic and staple pieces that are considered must haves but you can’t just stop there if you want to look stylish every single day. The whole process of working to create the perfect wardrobe is tedious which is why most women don’t switch their wardrobes up that much / too often. There are times, though, when a change in wardrobe becomes more of a need than a want. Here are some reasons to consider changing up your wardtrobe.

  • Weight gain / loss – if you’ve gone up one size up or down, your clothes may still fit you but if you’ve gained / lost enough weight that clothes start to look either too fitted or too baggy then it’s time to change your wardrobe. You want clothes that fit just right. Clothes that are too tight can give you muffin tops while clothes that are too baggy can overwhelm your figure.

spring knits and striped tote beautiful date night look

  • Change of career – your career affects what you have in your wardrobe. Most of the pieces you have in your wardrobe are the things that you wear to work (unless you work in a place that requires a uniform) so changing careers means you also have to do some change in your closet. If you used to work in a corporate setting, for example, your closet is probably filled with suits and other semi-formal items and if you’re moving from that to a new workplace environment that’s more casual and laidback then you definitely need to do some wardrobe revamping.

floral spring outfit

cute and sassy

  • Age – age isn’t really a big deal in fashion. Everyone can and should look stylish all the time, no matter what age you are. However, what used to look good on you when you were in high school is probably not very flattering anymore now that you’re in your mid 20s. As well, what looked fabulous on you during your 20s may not be so appropriate anymore once you hit your 30s. Dressing up for your age is key to looking tastefully stylish so it’s important to upgrade your wardrobe as you get older.

street style summer outfit street style party outfit

  • Style shift – sometime after you’ve figured out your personal style, you’re going to want to try another look – a change in image – to spice things up. Someone who used to love sporting the preppy look, for example, may want to shift to a more gothic / punkish kind of style. If you’re going through this phase, you definitely need to change up your wardrobe.

gorgeous latina inspired outfit girly casual look

  • Going from one season to another – lastly, one of the most obvious reasons to change up your wardrobe is when you have to transition from one season to another. Say, if you you’re going from summer to fall and winter, you’ll want to stash away your tank tops and shorts and bust out your knits and jackets.

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