Sexy Ways to Style Animal Print Clothes

Animal print clothes and accessories are pretty much a staple in any woman’s closet. Even when you’re not fond of this kind of print, I’m sure you have a piece or two in animal print sitting somewhere in there and if you’re looking for sexy ways to style these animal print clothes, check out these tips and ideas we have below. The great thing about animal print clothes is that they’re basically chic and sexy on their own so you don’t really have to do much to make them look the part.

  • ANIMAL PRINT AND DENIM – if you’re a little overwhelmed by animal print or if it’s your first time sporting the print, you can tone it down and make it more laidback and casual by pairing it up with denim. This is a great way to take away the rather sexy vibe of the print if you don’t want too much of that for daytime looks.

denim jacket and animal print skirt denim jeans and leopard top denim shirt and miniskirt

  • ANIMAL PRINT AND LEATHER – on the other hand, if you’re looking for ways to amp it up and make your outfit even sexier, you can go ahead and wear your animal print piece with leather. Leather and animal ‘print together makes for a super hot outfit combo. You can wear this on nights when you want something less casual, more party-ish but nothing too clubby.

leather and tiger print leather crop top and zebra outfit leather jacket and leopard print

  • ANIMAL PRINT AND KNIT – I know a lot of you out there think knitwear isn’t sexy at all but rather more comfy and lounge-y but try wearing it with animal print and see how it transforms into something sexier and flirtier (in a good way of course). If you’re looking for a way to get a bit of that sexy vibe into your comfy look, this combo is definitely the way to go.

knit sweater and animal print skirt knit with layers and animal print outfit knit maroon sweater and animal print pants

  • ANIMAL PRINT AND RED – because most animal print designs come in neutral colors, mixing and matching them with another hue that’s bright and captivating is sure to make the other color pop and if you’re looking for new ways to give your old animal print piece a new sexy vibe, what’s better than wearing it with hot red? This is a surefire way to channel your inner vixen.

red cut out top and animal print pants red sexy skirt and animal print top red top and animal print mini skirt

  • ANIMAL PRINT ACCENTS – lastly, if you’re not sure about going full on with your animal printed piece, you can choose to wear clothes and accessories that use animal print as an accent detail or trim for the whole piece instead. This will still give your look that sexy vibe without going over the top.

accent animal print trim accent clutch all white outfit accent animal print belt