Stylish Ladies Dress Shoes

Ladies dress shoes are available in various varieties to choose from when compared to men. Women loves shopping and nevertheless the shoes are left behind the list, for they make you look complete and shoes can make you look good or even ruin the entire look. Pick the right kind of shoe for your outfit and look stylish, beautiful, glamorous, sexy or whatever look you desire.


Celebrities are the ones we look up to when it comes to fashion and style, these animal print shoes gain much popularity and celebrities love wearing these kind of animal print shoes like leopard prints, zebra print etc. they look very stylish and sexy with almost any kind of clothing.

celebrities in leopard print shoes

Jessica Alba’s brown leather cross strapped shoes looked very stylish with her simple blue jean and over coat making her look complete and exotic.


Victoria Beckham is a ardent lover of shoes and her black pumps looked ravishing and elegant with her grey tee and pant. The bottle green jacket looked stylish and perfectly in sync with the overall costume though of different color.

victoria beckham black pumps

Julia Roberts looked very cute in her off white sun dress and black overcoat, she matched a perfect black pump with her black coat and black sunglasses that blended well together with the overall looks.

Julia Roberts black pumps

Lady GaGa looked very different in weird green hair color, dark green dress and matching dark green high heel pumps. She was wearing square sunglasses and bright red nail color that looked very contrasting to her green color dress.

lady gaga in green pump

Sofia Vergara was wearing black leggings and red sleeveless ruffle top with black prints and matched it with black shoes with checker design that fully covered the foot and looked very stylish. This is one of the kinds of shoes that you’ll just love to wear as many times as you can.

Sofia Vergara

Liv Tyler looked stylish in her navy blue dress with red polka dots designs and was wearing a matching red peep toe pumps that was looking very sexy and attractive. She just added on to the looks with her black hand bag and black sunglasses, which was just an add on to the style element.

liv tyler red peep toe pump

Reese Witherspoon looked very attractive in her blue off shoulder dress and taupe peep toe pumps that looked very fabulous and her bare neck just looked sexy and seductive.

Reese Witherspoon taupe pump

These brown flat shoes with buckles will look attractive and are so comfortable to wear and can be matched with any casual dress


brown flat shoes