Six Stylish Warm Boots for Cold Weather

Winter is such a wonderful time but if there’s one thing that’s keeping fashionistas from totally loving winter, it would be the fact that winter makes it so hard for us to freely express our style without having to compromise at least a little bit of comfort. Luckily, with the increasing number of fashion geniuses out there, we’re discovering and creating ways to mix both style and comfort for this season. Footwear is very important for winter, especially when it’s raining and snowing like crazy every time. if you want to know how you can achieve balance between being cute and comfy with your winter footwear, read on below and see our list of stylish warm boots for cold weather.

  • Knee high boots – if you’re looking for a pair of boots that are really going to help keep your legs warm, you should definitely consider getting knee high boots. Because of their length, they keep your legs warm by covering them. They’re also more ideal compared to thigh high boots because they don’t restrain your movement too much unlike the latter. Knee high boots can be worn with anything but skirts and dresses the fall on or above the knee are best if you want to show off a gorgeous pair.

knee high knee hihgh boots

  • Biker boots – biker boots are perfect if you’re the kind of chick who always likes your looks to be a combination of girly and edgy. Although you can rock out the biker chick look with biker boots and a leather jacket, you can also wear them with more feminine pieces to get a more chic look. Most biker boots are made from leather which is a great material for keeping you warm.

biker boots outfit

biker boots

  • UGG Boots – UGG boots, which were originally made for men, have become extremely popular with women for winter. This is because UGG boots are insanely cute and super comfy plus the inner insulated lining is made from fabric that is meant to keep you warm. It’s so good at making you feel toasty that you don’t even have to wear socks when wearing UGG boots anymore.

ugg boots ugg boots outfit

  • Chunky heeled boots – stilettos are undeniably sexy and any fashionista would wear them any day when they can but when it’s winter and it’s snowing or raining and the streets are wet, stilettos can be an inconvenience. If you’re looking for something that can replace your stilettos this winter, go for a pair of chunky-heeled boots. They’re super trendy and stylish plus they’re so much easier to walk in, not to mention they’re great at keeping your feet dry and warm, too.

chunky heels chunky heels outfit

  • Rain boots – gone are the days when rain boots used to be just those black rubber boots that you would wear when the water levels on the streets used to rise. Today, rain boots are much more fashionable and they come in various styles, designs and colors.

rain boots rain boots outfit

  • Lace up combat boots – if you’re on the hunt for something that you can wear on casual days and something that will endure extreme weather conditions in winter, combat boots are definitely a must have. Go for lace up combat boots to get a less manly look. You can wear these boots with jeans and other casual pieces you have in your closet to get a fierce and sexy vibe.

combat boots combat boots outfit