Street Style Outfit Ideas for Winter

Just because it’s starting to get cold does not mean you have to sacrifice style for comfort. There are plenty of ways that you can keep yourself warm and cozy while still looking fabulous. In this article you will find street style outfit ideas for winter that you can take inspiration from to get yourself looking fashionable while feeling comfy.

  • Use a denim jacket or denim button down as topper – the art of layering is something that you can really make the most out of during winter. Layering lets you create a warmer outfit by insulating body heat by trapping it in layers and layers of fabric. When layering outfits, use a denim jacket or a denim button down shirt (unbuttoned) as your topper to achieve a look that you can take to the streets.

denim button down denim button down jacket

  • Wear jeans – what’s more street-appropriate that your favorite good ol’ pair of jeans? Jeans are the ultimate bottoms when it comes to style and comfort. They’re also very versatile because they can be anything from casual to street style to dressy, depending on what you wear with them. Distressed jeans work best if you want to go for a street style look.

jeans winter look

jeans winter outfit

  • Ugg boots – winter is the best season to wear boots. These protect your feet from freezing because of the cold weather outside. However, most women tend to gravitate more to dressy boots with super high heels. That just won’t do if you’re planning on rocking a street style outfit. instead, go for ugg boots. They’re equally good at keeping you warm but they lend a more casual vibe to your outfit which is perfect for a street style look.

ugg boots outfit ugg boots

  • Flat footwear over heels – if you don’t like the look of ugg boots but would still like to create a street style outfit, you can do so as long as you stick to flat footwear like sneakers and other kinds of flat boots (biker boots would be an awesome choice). Make sure that the shoes you choose to wear are also able to keep your feet warm.

flat shoes outfit flat shoes

  • Hoodie and jeans – a hoodie does a great job at keeping you warm because most of these are made from thick and warm fabric. The hoodie also lets you keep your head and ears warm in case you don’t like wearing beanies and bonnets. Hoodies give you a sporty street look.

hoodie street outfit hoodie outfit