Style Tips for Women with Short Legs

It’s almost Fashion Week again and that means we’ll be seeing endless pairs of long and gorgeous legs on the runway, making us who have not been blessed with such sexy supermodel legs so jealous. I had a friend who had always wanted to model but she never made the cut because she was too short and I’m pretty sure there are a lot of you girls out there, too, who sometimes wish they had longer legs. I mean, heck, if I could have longer legs I’d take it! Who wouldn’t want to look like a model every time they wore shorts and mini dresses, right? Since getting longer legs isn’t very realistic, check out these style tips for women with short legs instead.

  • Wear nude shoes – this has been a tried and tested trick for getting short legs to look longer. When buying nude shoes, though, don’t just make the decision to pick up a pair because it’ beautiful or because you like the style but also make sure that the nude shade it is in is close to your skin tone. This will help create an unbroken line from the legs to the tips of your toes to elongate the legs.

elegant nude shoes nude shoes and dress nude shoes match

  • Steer clear of ankle strap shoes – ankle strap shoes may seem sexy and all but they do nothing to make short legs look longer so steer clear of these. If you have really cute shoes that just happened to have ankle straps on them, wear them with pants so the ankle straps get covered.

grey leather bootssky blue pumps orange strappy sandals no ankle strap shoes

  • Have your pants tailored – if you’re petite, you might find that some pairs of pants will fit perfectly but the length is going to be too long. That’s okay. Go ahead and purchase that and have them tailored. Most department stores offer in-house tailoring / altering services so you can get them done right then and there with the tailor sizing you up so he/she can get the pants in the right length for you.

perfect fit tailored jeans high waisted tailored pants perfect length leather pants

  • High waisted bottoms – another great trick to making short legs appear longer is to wear high waisted bottoms. A lot of women who have short legs back away from high waisted bottoms, be it shorts, pants or skirts, because they think they won’t be able to pull it off but it’s actually quite the opposite, High waisted bottoms look great on everyone and that includes women with shorts legs plus they make the legs look longer as well.

cute high waisted skirt colorful high waisted shorts high waisted pants high waisted pencil skirt

  • Make the most of maxis – maxi skirts and dresses are super hot for summer and, with a little bit of tweaking, styling and change in accessories, they can be transitioned well into fall and even winter as well. Maxi skirts make you look leaner and therefore it stretches your silhouette, making you look taller in the process.

orange mazi skirt striped maxi skirt blue and yellow outfit