Stylish Celebrities Wearing Biker Boots

Whoever said biker boots are just for biker chicks probably never saw the full potential of a great pair of these boots. Below are some celebrities wearing biker boots proving that anyone and everyone can wear them, biker chick or not.

  • Ashley Tisdale – Ashley Tisdale whom the world grew to love as Sharpay Evans, the stylish rich kid fashionista from the hit Disney film High School Musical, proves to us that even the sweetest of the sweet can rock an outfit with biker boots. Ashley wears her biker boots along with a pair of really sexy distressed denim shorts and the results are just gorgeous! Both pictures show how versatile biker boots can be. They’re gorgeous with either a laidback casual outfit and they’re great for dressing down an outfit with a luxurious fur vest.

Ashley Tisdale Ashley Tisdale look

  • Chloe Moretz – stylish actress Chloe Moretz shows us how biker boots are super easy to wear. In both photos, Moretz wears her biker boots with just jeans/leggings and a simple sweater top. It’s chic, relaxed and very fashionable, too! You can copy this look for a day out with your friends and it also makes for a very comfy travel outfit idea.

Chloe Moretz look

Chloe Moretz

  • Jessica Alba – hot mom Jessica Alba struts her stuff down the streets of Cali in jeans and biker boots. Just like Chloe Moretz, Jessica likes to wear her biker boots with simple outfits like sweaters and jeans. What’s great about biker boots is that they don’t always need to look polished. In fact, they’re better off looking rugged and beat up.

Jessica Alba Jessica Alba look

  • Katy Perry – Katy Perry just seems to have it all – she’s a singer, songwriter, businesswoman, actress and a philanthropist all at the same time, and a very fabulous and stylish one at that. Katy has always been known for her fun, bold and quirky sense of style and in these photos she shows how biker boots can go from adding a tough chick vibe to a sexy sheer dress to being the icing on top of the cake for a very huntress-y ensemble.

Katy Perry Katy Perry look

  • Vanessa Hudgens – High School Musical sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens sure knows how to turn her sweet, cutie-patootie image to a very sophisticated and sexy one. Here she wears biker boots two ways: one with a boho chic outfit (perfect for when you want to keep your feminine style but want something to balance the girliness out of it) and the other with a very casual, almost homey, outfit (great outfit idea for quick errands).

Vanessa Hudgens Vanessa Hudgens look