Stylish Fashion Combinations for Every Day

‘What should I wear today?’ is perhaps the most common question to enter a woman’s mind every single morning. There are a lot of things to consider when mapping out your outfit. if you want to look fashionable every day, here are some of the stylish fashion combinations for every day that you can take inspiration from:

  • Print on print – combining one print with another has been an obsession for a lot of fashion lovers out there. Of course, there are still those who are afraid to try this fashion combination because they aren’t sure how to do it but it’s really simple. The key is balance: big print on top, small print at the bottom or vice versa. You can choose to do different prints or the same prints in different colors and sizes.

print on printprint on print stripesprint on print stripes

  • Denim on denim – one of the most unexpected trends to surface about this year is combining denim with denim. At first it does seem a bit odd but when you see it actually worn, you’ll realize how chic it is and wonder why it took so long for this trend to come out. When wearing denim on denim, remember to wear light wash with dark wash to add texture and variation to your outfit.

denim on denim shortsdenim on denim

  • Color blocking – this is a rather bold trend that, quite realistically, not everyone can pull off. It’s quite difficult to rock this trend if you are not aware of the do’s and the don’ts do be sure to do your homework before going crazy with this combination.

color block outfitcolor blocking

  • Black and  white – who’s anyone to say that this classic combination is no longer stylish and fashionable? Wearing black and white is perfect for everyday. It’s simple, chic and sophisticated. If you want something to break the black and white contrast, a pop of color from jewelry, your shoes, or your purse could help heaps. Minimal makeup (think bare face and red lips) goes best with this look.

black and whiteblack adn white

  • Plains and prints – another classic fashion combination trend that you can try is combining clothes that are of plain and solid colors with those that have gorgeous prints. Doing so gives emphasis to the prints and brings out their pretty details. When doing this trend, make sure the dominant color on the print is either the same color as its plain counterpart or a contrasting color. this will make your whole outfit come out as cohesive rather than a fashion whack.

plains and printsplain and print