Stylish Semi Formal Dresses

Semi formal dresses are the most flexible attires that you can have. They include dresses that are more formal than everyday attire, but less formal than formal attires itself like gowns. Nevertheless, semi formal dresses can still be considered formal attire in this context. If you are looking for semi formal dresses, it may be difficult to decide which ones are considered semi formal. For women, a semi formal dress can be cocktail dresses although a dressy suit can also be considered a semi formal attire.

Fabrics for semi formal dresses may include velvet, satin, polyester, cashmere and anything that can be silky. Semi formal dresses are also relatively conservative as showing cleavage and too much skin on the legs may become informal. The length of the dress should also be considered with anything no more than 1 inch above the knee. Below the knee dresses can also be worn, but careful not to use floor-length dresses as it can be too formal for semi formal events.

A black semi formal dress attire is the most secure dress choice for semi formal events. However, make sure that you choose the right design to beat boredom with the black dress. This black semi formal dress is an icon for style and fashion for black dresses.

Black Semi Formal Dress

Satin and silk fabric are also best for semi formal dresses for women. This silk dress lined with a yellow fabric is a good choice if you want simplicity with style. The high neck design shows conservative character. Match it with cute sandals and you are ready for a semi formal event.

High Neck Semi formal dress

To add color for your black dress, this dress with red fabric underneath the lace with layered design gives a new touch for black.

Lace Semi Formal Attire

If you want to stick to black as it is very safe for any occasion, you can actually accessorize instead to avoid a flat appearance. This square neck dress is best for fashionable necklaces.

Semi formal dress

This pretty white semi formal dress is another good option for any semi formal event. This looks best for young and charming women with a natural character.

Simple semi formal dress

Play with colors by getting bright dresses for semi formal events. Mint green is actually very refreshing to the eyes. You can use these mint green dress designs during semi formal weddings, proms and dances.

Mint Green Semi Formal Dresses

Other great color ideas for semi formal events are fuchsia, pink and purple. Matched with unique dress styles, these colors are also very pleasing to the eyes. Pick a color that would match your event.

Semi formal dresses

These dress designs are actually best sellers in terms of semi formal attires. A two-piece black dress, a lace dress, a long sleeve dress and a printed designed dress all look good for any semi formal event. Match them with your favorite black pump for a perfect look.

Semi formal attire

If you want to be dressy, yet staying conservative and warm, these high neck dresses are also best. Use them with black stockings for a more classy look.

Semi formal attires

Semi formal events don’t prohibit you to be cute. This cute semi formal dress can be used along with a nice topper if you don’t want a tube dress look or you can use it alone for a more stylish look. This beach inspired dress is suited for semi formal beach weddings.

Cute Semi formal dress

Semi formal attires may also include women’s suits, but if you want a more feminine touch, then choose these semi formal dresses.