The Advantages of Carrying a Tote Bag

With so many styles and designs of purses and bags that you can get your hands on today, it’s so easy to for et about the humble tote bag. The tote bag has been around for quite a long time now but the term tote was only introduced around the 1900s. The word ‘tote’ actually means to carry which is a good choice since the tote bag is something that you can carry and something that lets you carry stuff around conveniently. Many women tend to leave out the tote bag when choosing a bag to use but it’s actually one of the most functional bag that you can bring with you anywhere. There are lots of stylish designs for tote bags coming out, too! Here are more reasons why you should have at least one tote bag in your closet.

  • Tote bags have a wide range of designs – originally, tote bags were made out of canvass and they used to come only in plain colors. Since then, the tote bag has come a long way. Today you’ll find tote bags in all kinds of fabrics like canvas, cotton or PVC fabric and there are also eco-friendly totes you can use as an alternative to plastic shopping bags. It also comes in all colors, designs, prints and patterns. Most tote bags are very inexpensive, too, so you can easily buy at least two to match most of your outfits.

canvass tote by echo marc jacobs tote stylish tote

  • You can wear them with anything – because tote bags come in so many colors, styles and designs picking out a bag that would match your outfit is, without a doubt, very easy to do. Elegant leather totes can be used for posh outfits while cotton and canvass can be used with more casual outfits. Of course, there are also different styles and design of tote bags for everything else in between. In fact, you can even have your tote bags customized if you’re using the eco-friendly reusable type or the canvass type.

cloth tote tote bags

  • Easy to carry – don’t you just hate how some bags are so difficult to carry around because the handles are either too short that they’re so inconvenient to lug around or too long that they keep falling off your shoulders. Well, with tote bags you wouldn’t have to worry about that. most tote bags today have handles that you can wear like a snug shoulder bag and others also come with a 2-way handle which means you can carry it like a regular tote or like a sling bag.

eco tote bag leather tote xl tote bag

  • Spacious – tote bags are normally made larger than other bags which mean that it lets you carry a lot more stuff. The tote bag is perfect if you’re going shopping because it leaves you a lot of space to put the little things you’d be buying inside. You can also go for the reusable tote and use it solely as a shopping bag where you put your stuff in. A tote bag is also ideal as a carry on bag if you are travelling because you can put a lot of your essentials inside.

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