Tips for Walking More Comfortably in Heels

Walking in heels can make you feel like the sexiest, most glamorous woman alive which is why a lot of us women hoard endless pairs of heels whenever we get the chance. Aside from our obviously common obsession with shoes, I think what makes a lot of women really connect with each other is our mutual love for dress up and wearing heels. if you’re a petite woman, you’ll find that high heeled shoes are indispensable. They not only complete your look but they make you instantly taller as well. However, let’s admit it, walking in heels all day is not very comfortable. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to make the experience a little more pleasant. Here are a few tips for walking more comfortably in heels.

  • Pick a pair and try them on – picking a pair of heels to buy can be tricky. You’ll see lots of pretty designs and you’ll even see some pairs that you can get for an amazing price but the look and the deals don’t matter as much as the way the shoe fits. Don’t just buy a pair because it looks pretty or because it’s on sale. Buy a pair that fits you well. Try them on and see if they’re too tight or too loose in certain areas as having these can make it very uncomfortable later on. It would also help heaps if you could walk around in them for a while to see how they feel when you’re actually feel like on your feet.

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  • Try not to buy heels online – yes, online shopping is one of the most convenient ways to shop but if you’re shopping for heels, it always best to buy them from the mall / store / boutique so that you get to try them on. Also, different brands sometimes have different sizing so you might end up getting the wrong size if you shop online. Then you’d have to go through the trouble of returning the merchandise and starting over with your search for the perfect pair of heels.

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  • Try chunky heels on for size (and comfort) – while we all love the sexy look of thin and slinky stiletto heels, they don’t really offer much support and comfort. Chunky heels are becoming really popular today and lots of brands are making great, chic shoes designs with chunky heels so you might want to consider trying them out if you want a more comfortable experience walking in heels.

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  • Use pad inserts – they may look ridiculous but they have saved many feet from aching in heels. if you know you’re going to be walking in heels all day and all night, use a padded insert on your shoes so it feels softer on your soles and overall more comfortable for your feet. If you’re the kind who gets blisters all the time, you can also try using some of those blister bands at the back of your ankles.

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  • Break them in – wearing your newest pair of heels for a big event in the next day or two? New shoes are great but they aren’t very comfy to walk around in. Make your feet ‘get used to’ your new shoes by wearing them at home all day to ‘break them in’. By the time the even comes, your shoes will have expanded to your feet’s contour, making it easier for you to walk in them.

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