Trends from the 90s You Should Wear Again

Don’t you just love a good fashion throwback? It’s when trends from the past resurface again, often with a different / modern twist, and it comes back bigger than ever. Resurfacing trends like these are one of the things that make it okay to hold on to certain items in your closet instead of throwing them away. One of today’s biggest fashion throwbacks are trends from the 90s and everyone who’s anyone in fashion loves them and have been sporting them a lot lately. If you were a 90s baby or if you simply adored the cool and swanky fashion of the 90s, check out these trends from the 90s you should wear again.

  • Overalls – last seen somewhere in your childhood wardrobe, overalls are now making a huge comeback and we can’t say we’re not loving it because we so are. Whether you like to wear overall shorts or long overalls, there’s no denying that overalls are one of today’s most popular off duty must haves. This utilitarian piece is the perfect item to reach for and wear for quick errands and lazy casual days. There are so many style choices available for today’s modern overalls. You can get yours in leather for that sexy, edgy look or go with the traditional denim. You can also get a more luxurious look with silk overalls or a street style vibe with printed / graphic ones.

short overalls streetstyle denim overalls outfit

  • Birkenstocks – it’s been a long time since Birkenstocks were proudly worn out on the streets by fashionistas but today they’re everywhere and everyone is wearing them. We love how Birkenstocks today are much more fashion-friendly, coming in so many colors, prints and designs compared to the plain and boring “mum-ish” ones back in the 90s. it’s great for women who love to sport a look that’s both stylish and comfortable.

basic black birkenstocks

cute and casual white monochromatic

  • Backpacks – no, backpacks are no longer just for nerdy nerds anymore. With some of the most popular designers like Chanel and Alexander Wang carrying their own line of backpacks with that ‘expensive designer’ look, this utilitarian carry-all bag has now become the perfect symbol of practicality and style combined together in one amazing bag.

mini leather backpack street style utilitarian

  • High waisted jeans – I’m pretty sure you’ve seen fashion’s modern twist on this 90s trend and I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say today’s high waisted jeans have a better look and fit compared to its 90s counterpart. Today’s high waisted jeans look more chic and sleek. They’re perfect with crop tops for a casual / street style spring and summer look but you can also wear them in the workplace by tucking your shirt in to get that chic, polished look.

dark high waisted jeans outfit high waisted light wash jeans

  • Shirt tied around the waist – this was the ultimate ‘cool girl’ look back in the 90s and we love that it’s becoming one of the most popular trends for the perfect off duty look today. It’s a great way to bring outerwear along with you (like a sweatshirt or a jacket) during the day without taking up so much space in your purse. You can also tie a shirt around the waist if you want to dress down a more pulled-together outfit.

chambray shirt around the waist tartan shirt on waist