What to Wear for an Engagement Shoot

If you’re reading this then you’re probably tying the knot soon so let me just say this before anything else: congratulations, beautiful! Now that you’re engaged, I’m pretty sure one of the things you’ll be taking care of soon are engagement photos. Whether you’re having your engagement photos shot by a professional or by a friend who’s a hobbyist, I know you’ll want to look stunning in those pictures you’ll back on for the years to come. Of course, you’ll also want to look cute and stylish, right? Check out these tips on what to wear for an engagement shoot below.

  • Wear something that screams ‘you’ – when picking out an outfit to wear to an engagement shoot, it’s always best to express yourself freely and not try to look like anyone else. You’ll want your best you to show in the photo, not you as a version of somebody else. If you’ve always been a girly girl, go ahead and pick the sweetest and cutest dress you have in your closet. Don’t be afraid to wear that jersey shirt and baseball cap if you’re more on the athletic side. Whatever your own personal style / taste in fashion is, just let it show.

cute and girly outfit sporty engagement shot

  • Wear something comfortable – the key to looking good in pictures is feeling comfortable while shooting them. Classic portraits that show timeless poses are wonderful but I’m pretty sure you’ll also have lots of action shots taken – leaping, running, chasing each other, laying out in the sand – and you’ll want to be comfortable through all these so make sure your outfit has enough room for you to move around in. Avoid super tight and / or super short clothes that will make you look and feel uneasy during the shoot.

pink cotton candy props

patterns and colors

  • Dress on the same scale – it’s really important that you and your partner dress on the same scale. You don’t want to be looking fancy in your LBD while he’s in his shirt and shorts outfit. Coordinate your outfits according to the time of the shoot, the location and the season. It’ll be much easier for both of you to decide on what to wear.

fancy photo shoot cute engagement photo

  • Wear fun and vibrant colors – even the plainest, most boring background of just trees in your backyard will look exciting when you, the subject, have fun and vibrant colors on. You don’t need to be all matchy-matchy with your partner. In fact, wearing contrasting colors make the shot look even more beautiful. Pump up the volume of color in your outfits, it will register nicely on camera.

vibrant jewel tone colors vintage themed shot

  • Add on a prop or an accessory – aside from your background and your outfits, another thing that will make every single photo on your engagement shoot pop is props or accessories. Props and accessories for engagement photos can be anything from a cute handbag, to slippers and shoes, to a hat, a bicycle, your pet, and even musical instruments. These props and accessories help set the mood for your photos and add a ‘theme’ to it.

light pastel colors contrasting colors

  • Wear more than one outfit – outfit changes are encouraged for engagement photos, especially when you’re doing the shoot in different locations no matter how far apart each one is from the other. If you’re doing a themed shoot, make sure you have one or two outfits that will fit the theme, a classic, conventional one and one that you think just really really looks good on you.

romantic and lovely fun balloon props