What to Wear Instead of Plain Denims

Denims are a closet staple for everyone but wearing the same thing over and over again can get a little boring at times which is why switching up your style is important at least every once in a while. If your everyday casual style consists of t-shirt and denims, you may already be looking for ways to spice up your look and add an exciting new twist to your outfits. One thing you can change about your everyday ordinary outfit is to wear something other than denim. You’ll be surprised at how big of a difference it can actually make. Check out these ideas on what to wear instead of plain denims and find out how you can spice up your spring and summer wardrobes with them.

  • Printed pants – printed pants are on-trend for spring and summer so if you’re looking for an item to wear instead of plain ol’ denims, why don’t you give these a try? Floral pants seem to be really in for spring so you can go for those if you’re looking to add more of a springtime feel to your look while tribal prints are great for adding a splash of color to a simple outfit. Other prints like striped, polka dots, graphics and more will work, too. Just choose a print that suits your style and you’re ready to go!

black printed pants light floral pants

  • Shorts – it’s warm anyway so why not ditch your pants for shorts? As a general rule, you are not allowed to wear shorts to the workplace, especially when you have a strict dress code to follow. If your workplace doesn’t have a dress code, though, or if you work in a place where freedom in fashion is encouraged, there are plenty of ways to work shorts into your work wardrobe. Tailored shorts paired with blazers, for one, have a very professional look.

chevron print shorts

fancy gold shorts

  • Palazzo pants – palazzo pants are your best bet if you’re looking for something light and flowy that screams spring and summer. They’re super chic and they’re the perfect pair to wear if you want to add a bit of girly drama to your street style look. They work well for your work wardrobe as well when paired with a structured top, a button up or a cute blazer. Palazzo pants are super versatile which is why they’re a must try for everyone who’s looking for something other than denims to wear.

stylish palazzo pants casual palazzo pants

  • Maxi skirts – who needs denims when you can both be comfy and stylish in a maxi skirt? Maxi skirts are a staple for most women’s spring and summer wardrobes but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them for fall and winter, too. They’re totally stylish, versatile and wearable all year round. if you’re looking for a denim alternative that will give you a soft, feminine look, go for maxi skirts. You won’t regret it, I promise.

cute red maxi skirt classy outfit black and white

  • Leggings – yes, I know, ‘leggings are not pants’ rants are everywhere but if you choose the ones made with really good quality and thick fabric, you can actually wear leggings with pants. For good measure, wear a long top with leggings so you cover the tooshie area.

chic leggings outfit liquid leggings outfit