What to Wear to Look Chic on a Rainy Day

We all love a good drizzle every now and then to cool the earth down a bit, especially when it’s been hot for a few days straight but when the rain pours and you have the prettiest, nicest outfit on, can you still say you love the rainy days? I know, I know. The rain can put a damper on our style. Not only do you have to change into less stylish clothes, you also have to bundle up so you can get cozy while the rain cools the air. So, what to wear to look chic on a rainy day? Check out our tips below and see how you can actually still look fab despite spring’s unexpected showers.

  • Rain boots – thankfully and luckily, today we have such a wide array of rain boots styles and designs to choose from. Gone are the days when rain boots were only made to keep your feet dry. Today, rain boots are made to keep your feet dry AND to make you look stylish as well. Numerous brands such as Hunter have been making stylish rain boots in all colors and prints so you’re sure to find one that will nicely go with your outfit.

spring inspired rain boots outfit chic red rain boots

  • A hat – the rain can easily make hair frizzy and the gusty winds that come along with it can make you look like one, big, hot mess. To combat these wet weather woes, throw on a hat. It will take your style game up a notch and will keep you looking stylish, too. Choose a hat with bright colors or quirky prints. It’s one of the easiest ways to bring a bit of cheer on a gloomy day.

camel boho hat

fun rainy day hat

  • Keep cozy in a trench coat – trench coats are super chic and flattering, especially the longer ones that are belted. They give you a nice Parisian look and they keep you warm and dry while the rain pours on. if you’re on a tight budget and would have to choose only one piece to glam up your rainy day outfits, I’d suggest you get a long trench coat in a light neutral color like taupe or beige so you can use it with anything all year round.

trench coat and knitted sweater sassy trench coat

  • A statement umbrella – yes, you can turn the ordinary umbrella, rainy days’ most in-demand accessory, into a statement maker and an eye catcher. Choose an umbrella that features unique prints and details or one in a very bright color that’s sure to stand out from the sea of black umbrellas on the streets. It also gives your overall look an instant vibe of glamour.

bright yellow umbrella burberry plaid umbrella

  • A warm, fuzzy sweater – fuzzy sweaters are great if you want to add a bit of texture to your look. It’s warm and very stylish, too, and it allows you to experiment with other textures to be paired with it. I always like wearing fuzzy sweaters with leather leggings on rainy days. The combination is just super chic and posh and it’s really quite easy to pull off, too.

emerald fuzzy sweater warm fuzzy sweater