What to Wear with Ethnic Print Leggings

Ethnic print has gone a long way. You first saw them on dresses then they were on accessories and now they’re the newest and hottest print trend on leggings. Leggings are one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your closet. You can wear them all year round as long as you wear them with the right stuff. If you want to join other fashionistas in wearing ethnic print leggings, here are some of the things you can wear them with:

  • A plain shirt – because the ethnic print leggings already have such wonderful colors and patterns on them, a plain shirt is often enough as a top to wear it with. This creates a good balance between the very delicate details on your leggings and the solid color on your top. Wearing something with an equally intricate print or detail might just have you looking like you have too much going on which, in most fashion books, is a huge no-no.

plain shirt and ethnic print leggings plain shirt

  • Denim or chambray – if you’re looking for something to wear with your ethnic print legging but you find plain shirt too, well, plain then you should definitely consider wearing it with a denim top. A denim top adds more interesting texture to your overall look compared to plain tops. If you don’t like the feel of denim, though, chambray would make a great alternative as it has the looks of denim and the feel of soft linen.

chambray or denim


  • Boots – add a generous splash of color to your winter wardrobe by sporting a pair of ethnic print leggings with your regular dark hues. This will make the color and details in your leggings really pop. Make sure you keep your legs warm by wearing knee high or thigh high boots with your ethnic print leggings. This combination is a perfect balance between style and comfort so there’s no reason to not go for it. Of course, of you’re wearing this look during warmer days, ankle boots would be a nice choice.

boots and ethnic print leggings boots

  • Accessories with contrasting colors – although the colorful version of ethnic print leggings are what’s most popular, you will still find those more classy looking ones that feature only one or two colors, most one neutral and one bright color or two neutral colors like black and white. If you’re wearing these kinds of ethnic print leggings, you can pair them with accessories that are of contrasting colors to make your outfit pop. For example, a pair of white and blue ethnic leggings would go really well with red accessories.

contrasting accessories contrasting color

  • Wear cohesive colors – creating a cohesive outfit is the exact opposite of using color contrast in your ensemble. If you’re aiming for a cohesive look, it means that you have to stick to a certain color palette all throughout the whole outfit. To create a cohesive outfit, you can use the most dominant color from your ethnic print leggings and use that as a base or anchor for all the other pieces you will add to your outfit.

cohesive outfit cohesive