Best Wedding Gifts to Give

Weddings are a very special occasion for everyone, especially for the bride and the groom.  However, it may become a hard time for guests especially in deciding which gifts to give the newly-wed couple.

Deciding on wedding gifts is usually very confusing because you are torn between the things you want and the things the couple wants. If you are single, it becomes even more difficult deciding what special items to give as gifts. Nevertheless, there are gift registers that couples usually have in certain stores so looking into the gift register of the couple may help you purchase what they really like. However, some couple don’t get gift registers and it’s up to you to decide what best wedding gift is.

The following are the best wedding gifts that you can give a newly-wed couple:



Well, money can be so uncreative, but most couple do need it to save for something big like a car, house or expensive furniture. This gift is especially best for young couples who have not yet started their career very well so a great deal of money may help them start their life as a couple. Money can be used in anything that couples need such as extra money for their honeymoon. If you want other gifts to give, you can simply attach a check to your special material gift.

A luxurious hotel room

Luxurious hotel room

The couple may already have booked their honeymoon in a certain hotel, but giving them extra place to spend their first nights together will be well appreciated. If you are rich enough, you can book a very luxurious hotel room at the top floor for a romantic night.

An island getaway

French Polynesia wedding gift

Aside from getting a hotel room for the couple, you can plan with the rest of your friends to get the couple a special holiday on a romantic island. Married couple would be very excited to visit one of the best islands in the world. But if you into cost-cutting, there are other inexpensive, but beautiful islands that you can book them.

A scotch bottle that can stand the test of time

Scotch wedding gift

Another gift for weddings includes one that can stand the test of time such as a special bottle of scotch that they can open on their 5th or 10th wedding anniversary. Definitely, they will remember you when they open it years after their marriage. Just put a special note on the gift card that they should reach their wedding anniversary before opening it.

Indulgence gift basket

Wedding gift basket

A gift basket filled with chocolates, nuts, wine and others is also one of wedding gift ideas that will make the couple’s first night more romantic.

Personalized items

Personalized Couple Bath Towels

Other unique wedding gifts include personalized items such as bath towels, couple blankets, mug and others.

Personalized couple pillows

This personalized pillows is also a unique wedding idea that can add touch in their bedroom.

Gift cards

Wedding gift cards

Gifts cards are also top wedding gifts because just like money, the newly-wed can use it to purchase their needs during their first days or months together. If you are unsure what to give, gift cards also allow the couple to purchase what they really like.

Kitchen wares

Wedding gift idea

Kitchen wares are also one of the best wedding gift ideas because couple would definitely use them for their meal preparation. They will always remember you while using your gift in the kitchen.

Couple photo book

Photo book

Couples will definitely appreciate a book of their pictures that would help them reminisce their courtship and dating stage. You can secretly ask their parents of their pictures together and make a customized photo book. You can also ask other friends to write a personal message.

Definitely, you would want the couple to appreciate your gift so you should pick the ones that they really need, instead of picking just anything in the gift shop.