5 Great Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Picking a gift for your friend’s bridal shower party can be tricky. Giving gifts to soon-to-be brides can be quite a task unless you know the person really well. What’s difficult about picking gifts for a bride-to-be’s bridal shower is the fact that what you pick may not suit their liking or they may already have that specific item or worse, they don’t need that thing at all.

Also, unless the bride has enrolled for a gift registry, you may pick a gift that another guest or friend is going to give which means that the bride will have two of the same items. Here are some great bridal gift ideas that you can use when you get invited to a bridal shower.

Bridal shower parties are a lot of fun but would you know what to bring when you get invited to one?

bridal shower party

If you and the bride have a lot of friends in the same circle, why don’t you convince all the other girls to chip in and buy the bride (and groom) their tickets and accommodation for their honeymoon? That is if you are sure that they don’t already have one planned yet. This is ideal for brides who are on a low budget. It does not always have to be a grand honeymoon package like a trip abroad with accommodation to a 5-star hotel. A honeymoon at the beach, a resort or at the mountains will do.

Give the bride and groom the gift of togetherness and plan out a special trip for them on their honeymoon

mountain honeymoon

A simple stay at a nice hotel near the beach would surely relieve stress from the bride and groom after the wedding

honeymoon at the beach

If the bride and groom already have their honeymoon planned out, don’t fuss. Why don’t you buy the bride honeymoon clothes instead? Lingerie may be too common and a lot of her other friends may buy her lingerie too but hey, a married woman can never have too many lingerie, right? When picking lingerie, think about the bride’s personality and base your choices from that. Is she the one who would go for sexy and lacy lingerie,  would she rather have comfortable, cotton nighties instead or is she too reserved and would feel most comfortable in just pajamas?

Sexy lingerie has always been a good choice for bridal shower gifts

black lingerie

Silk pajamas are a great alternative to lingerie and are ideal for the more reserved bride

soft silk  pajamas

If you know where the couple is going to be spending their honeymoon, you can buy the bride accessories that she can take with her to the trip. Are they going to the beach? Then why not get her a monogrammed beach bag and a beach towel to match? You can also give her and the groom matching flip flops.

These cute couple sandals have ‘just married’ on the straps and leave the same imprint on sand

just married flip flops bridal shower gift

Another thing you can give a bride for her bridal shower are bath and body essentials. Women love to pamper themselves in the bath, be it just a quick shower or a long, rejuvenating time in the tub. Give the bride to be some luscious bath bombs, bath salts, or bath gels in a beautiful basket that can double as a decoration in the newly wed’s house’s bathroom. You can also throw in a couple of aroma therapy massage oils and scented candles to make bath time more relaxing.

A warm, sensuous bath is always a great distressor for any bride amidst all the wedding planning she has to do

aromatherapy bath set as bridal shower gift

Bath essentials will come in handy later on when the bride wants some ‘me’ time in the tub

bath relaxing bridal gift

Lastly, a great idea that is 100% fool proof would be a voucher to a really good and relaxing day spa. The bride could always use some luxurious pampering at the spa before her big day to release stress.

 There’s just no better way to release stress than to go to a spa

spa treatment bridal shower gift

Make the bride look and feel refreshed before the wedding by giving her a trip to the spa

spa relaxation for bridal shower party gift