Dresses for wedding guests -17 Stylish Ideas

dresses for wedding guestsDresses for wedding guests.While a bride should be the most beautiful woman in her wedding, it doesn’t mean that you should wear a drab dress to the ceremony. You too, can look lovely without upstaging the bride. Here are great dress ideas for guests who want to look good (and probably catch the eye of a cute groomsman!)So,what do you wear to a wedding? Here is a few ideas.

A rich, silk number. A sleeveless silk  or satin dress is the best dress to wear should you decide to attend the wedding in a long gown.

A perfect dress to wear to a wedding as a guest:

wedding guest dress

A bold statement necklace is the ideal piece to make your entire look more ‘youthful.’ Go for neutral, light make-up because heavy cosmetics and a crimson red lipstick can make you look like you’re headed for an awards ceremony (bad for the bride as heads might lean towards you, not hers.) A not-too-shiny clutch is advised so as not to add to the excessive sheen of your silk dress.

A sophisticated lace frock. A knee-length lace dress is great for wedding guests who don’t want to wear a long gown to a formal wedding.

champagne lace dress

Avoid a black lace number; instead go for eye-popping shades such as peach, pink, blue or violet. If you want to play it safe, go for an ivory or beige lace dress. Pair this with pointy-toe pumps, neutral make-up, and simple jewelries and you’re sure to be handing out numbers to groomsmen by the end of the night.

white lace dresses
white lace dresses

Bridesmaid stylish pink dresses with lace and ruffles

bridesmaid style ruffle pink dresses

A cheerful floral dress. This ensemble is perfect for laidback weddings, such as those which will take place in gardens and beach fronts. A bright floral dress will make you look youthful, and it will make you the darling of the crowd as well. Pair this dress with a solid-color wedge and dangling earrings (doesn’t need to be gold or diamond-encrusted as this type of wedding is considered informal.)

dress for  wedding guest or bridesmaid
dress for wedding guest or bridesmaid

For the best look, put a fresh bloom by your ear, or add one in your hairdo. For sure, guys will be smiling your way with this get-up.

Maxi floral dresses

floral dresses

A chic jumpsuit. If you are fashion forward and don’t want to adhere to the girly dress norms expected of wedding guests, then you can wear a chic, tailored jumpsuit instead. This number is very formal, despite the fact that you’re wearing pants. Soften the look with sparkly jewelries and rosy makeup.

chic Jumpsuits

Complete the attire with a neutral-colored pump. This attire will make guys happy that someone as beautiful as you can rock masculine pants.