Garden Wedding Dresses

Hey! Where are you planning your wedding? Church, Classy resort, Or Garden? Mostly, especially catholic families, Roman Catholics only wanted it in church with the presence of God.

But there are really who wants it to be like in fairy tale. With red carpet with roses on it, around with Mother Nature, pretty flowers, and a little fountain.

garden wedding

Example for the Garden Wedding is Marla Sokoloff the The Practice star. She decided her wedding to happen in Il Cielo, it is known as one of “the most romantic restaurants in Los Angeles” and they both chose to wed under the stars in the restaurant’s Chapel Garden during an intimate ceremony in front of chosen 100 guests.


She was wearing Amsale wedding dress as she arrives to tie the knot at Il Cielo restaurant on Saturday evening.  Amasale designs the perfect garden wedding dresses. She designed for some celebrity and most influence people. Her main field of design is in couture wedding gowns, and her flagship store is located on Madison avenue in New York City.


Wedding dresses are one of the most awaited and most talk about part of the wedding.  So most  of the women tried to look their best by their wedding dresses.

Chiffon Garden Wedding Dresses

Garden Wedding Dress does not really says that you should have flowers and roots on it, just simply design it with a twist of nature.

classic lace garden wedding dress

Like roots like bead works or do the color streaks. Use nature colors for streaks like brown, green, or any earth colors.

v neck garden bridal dress

Diamonds are also a perfect twist for it. Gold is fine, it’s just that it’s not THAT classy to see wearing it. You might look rich but cheap in it, especially it does not goes with your skin tone.

garden bridal dress

The other way look more unique in your dress is to think about the theme, classy fairy tale or classy royalty. Whatever that you choose I am sure you will look elegant and sexy.

column garden wedding dress

Do not be afraid to go beyond the idea, don’t be afraid to go beyond what you are expecting.

elegant white garden wedding dress

What you want does not really what you get, but if you work hard and interact with the planners and organizers, you might end up with your most perfect wedding. Walk in the isle with your most dreamed of wedding dress. Just remember be creative, be open minded, and be what you want to be.

one beaded shoulder ivory garden pregnant wedding dress