Modest and Elegant Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

With the number of brides choosing sexier and revealing wedding gowns for their big day, long sleeve wedding dresses have remained to be a symbol of demure elegance, refined and a graceful bride, which shows a sleek silhouette of the equally elegant woman.

Long sleeve wedding dresses have also become a good choice for modest women who want to preserve the solemnity of the occasion rather than focus on wedding extravagance. If you are one of those looking for a great wedding gown, you may consider a long sleeve wedding dress for a naturally beautiful you. Here are the most elegant long sleeved wedding dresses for you to choose from.

Even royalties love the demure elegance in modest long sleeve wedding dresses. Kate Middleton decided to have an equally elegant, modest and respectable wedding dress for her royal wedding. Everybody was speculating that she will wear every girl’s dream of a princes type wedding dress, but this dress just made her simply stunning and beautiful fitting a modern, yet classy future princess.

Kate Middleton Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Aside from having a satin fabric along the skirt area, getting an all-lace design is also perfect for that modest look. This off shoulder long sleeved wedding dress is a combination of fashion and decorum.

Lace long sleeved wedding dress

Conventional tube dresses can also be transformed into a long sleeved one. This dress resembles a tube dress only that sleeves were attached. This is best for those who still want their favorite tube wedding dress, but wants to keep the gown more conservative.

Long sleeve wedding dress

This next designer long sleeve wedding dress is one of my favorite because of the exquisite and perfect design from top to bottom. This dress actually combines various wedding dress designs for an interesting look.

Long sleeve wedding gowns

This is similar to the all-lace off shoulder dress only that satin fabric is used on the skirt area for a simpler wedding design.

Long sleeve wedding gowns

A-lined long sleeve wedding dresses are very classy and matches a vintage-inspired wedding. This wedding gown is highlighted with an embroidery and beads along the skirt area.

Long sleeved wedding dress

This mermaid wedding dress is actually a multipurpose gown. It can be worn as a long sleeve dress or a tube dress without the detachable sleeves.

Mermaid long sleeve wedding dress

Classic weddings fit this vintage gown. The simple design exudes a simple and classic bride for modern day weddings.

Modest long sleeve wedding dress

The sexy design on this gown highlights the long sleeve gown. The long sleeves can also be detached for more daring brides.

Sexy and Modest Long sleeve wedding gown

Women who want a dramatic look on their wedding dress can have this extravagant long sleeve wedding dress.

Stunning long sleeved wedding dress

Long sleeve wedding dresses are indeed very elegant and modest, but you can also play with your design for a more modern look.