Celebrity Trend -Red and Pink wedding dresses

Red and pink wedding dresses: what to wear with this trend

Wedding dresses in different shades of white are the usual norm, but if you want to stand out from other ‘traditional’ brides, then you can try out a red wedding dress. The Scarlet hue has long been known as the color of passion and romance, so if you want a style that’s out of the box, then you can rock your important day with a red wedding dress.

red wedding dress


The trend

Red wedding dresses took the world by storm with Valentino introducing the russet hue to his amazing wedding gowns. Other bridal designers followed suit, with Vera Wang sending a bevy of red wedding gowns down the catwalk of her Spring 2013 fashion show. Noted designer Oscar dela Renta also showed two red wedding dresses in his collection. Suddenly, blushing brides walked down aisles in gowns as red as their cheeks.

red rose wedding style

If you’re considering wearing a red gown on your wedding day, then these designers can give you a fiery red wedding ensemble. Romona Keveza and Modern Trousseau have also created wedding masterpieces in Scarlet.

Red and white wedding dress

red and white wedding_dress


Although the Western trend of a russet wedding gown has just started, many fashion-forward brides rocked red while they walked down the aisle.

Elizabeth Hurley pink wedding dress

Elizabeth Hurley pink wedding dress


Examples include Elizabeth Hurley during her Indian Wedding and former ‘The View’ host Lisa Ling.

lisa ling red wedding dress

Even singer Gwen Stefani made waves with her white wedding gown with red and pink shades on the bottom.

gwen stefani wedding and dress

Gwen Stefani  wears white and pink wedding dress

Gwen Stefani  pink and white wedding dress

As for the East, brides walking down in Scarlet gowns have been considered ordinary. Korean Actress Kang Yui and Indian star Grace Singh both donned red ensembles during their wedding day.

Indian-Wedding dress and jewelry

Beautiful pale pink wedding gown

pale pink wedding dress


Should you decide to wear a red wedding gown on your big day, remember not to wear red lipstick and super pink blush! Too much red around your face can be hideous. For the best look, apply a nude, shimmery color on your lips and peachy pink on your cheeks. Neutral colored eye shadow and black mascara on your lashes will make you look like the perfect bride. As for your nails, neutral polish is the way to go.

flower print pink wedding dress


For shoes, there are four colors that will work well with a red wedding dress. Slip on silver heels if you have hints of silver on your dress, or gold pumps if you have gold accents in your gown. You can also wear black heels as this color goes well with everything. Red shoes will also complement your gown, but you need to find the matching color with your dress.