Unique Wedding Dresses for Unique Personalities

Most women go for conventional wedding dress designs; however, there are also women who go for non-conventional weddings and unique wedding dress designs. Some may even go beyond the point of choosing uncommon colors for weddings such as black and red. Your wedding dress is your own design so you must be able to have a unique wedding dress that truly symbolizes your personality as a bride.

Being unique does not mean that you are completely defying the norms of weddings. Unique wedding dresses are just individualized and very creative to make the wedding experience very one of a kind. So if you are a modern and non-orthodox bride, you may start designing your unique wedding gown for your big day. To help you get some unique wedding dress ideas, the following designs are indeed very personalized for modern day brides:

Unique White Wedding Dresses

If you still want a white dress, but desire a unique style, you may actually play around with your white dress. Instead of getting a lace dress or a plain white train, you can have the train of the dress designed with transparent fabric.

Unique wedding attire

Some women would want black for their wedding dress, but are too skeptical in getting an all black dress. In this line, having a touch of black in your white dress is still very unique.

Unique wedding dress

Another unique design for a black and white dress is this gorgeous gown. The top of the mermaid dress has a tinge of black while the rest of the dress is white and highlighted with beautiful black flower laces.

unique wedding gowns

Unique Nude Wedding Dresses

For women who want to beat the monotony of white, a nude dress can be very simple, elegant and not so loud like other colors. This simple tube silk dress with a pretty topper is a good choice for destination weddings.

Unique wedding gown

You can also have pretty nude dresses with large bows to accentuate the simple dress. Choose either a same color bow or a black bow to add a dramatic style.

Unique wedding dresses

This is one of the most unique wedding dresses. Aside from the conventional one layered gown, an overlying unique fabric is placed for a more glamorous look. This dress is suitable for unique modern fairy tale weddings.

Nude Wedding Dress

Unique Colored Wedding Dresses

A colored wedding dress is becoming very popular for modern day brides. Women usually would want to wear their favorite color on their wedding day so they opt to choose colored wedding gowns. Colored wedding gowns are also very lively to look at and very romantic. Colored wedding gowns fit romantic weddings best.

Floral wedding gown

Gwen Stefanie wears a gradation pink dress during her wedding day. If you dont want an all colored dress, you can actually have your favorite color such as this one.

Gradation wedding gown

This lavender backless dress is also a unique wedding dress for women who want to look sexy during their big day. A darker shade of purple along the hemline highlights the glamorous dress.

Colored mermaid wedding dress

For bolder women, bolder colors are also suitable like red, black, or this blue and violet dress. The dress actually makes the bride the center of attraction because of the shimmering effect on the gown.

Colored wedding dress

If you really want a more engaging wedding experience, better choose the wedding gown that really suits your taste and interest. Besides, nobody is prohibiting you from wearing what you want on your wedding day.