Wedding decoration ideas

Your wedding is one of the grandest days of your life. However, you don’t have to spend all of your dad’s retirement money just to have your dream wedding. With the help of these wedding decoration ideas, you can pull of a beautiful and glamorous wedding with the aid of family and friends.

Great outdoor wedding decoration ideas – Illuminated parasols  

wedding decor ideas parasols

Oriental weddings are known for ending the reception by flying out lighted parasols in the sky. You can do this at your wedding, or you can just decorate your reception with lighted paper parasols. This is an elegant and inexpensive way of lighting your reception area.

wedding decoration idea parasols

Parasols and lamps come in a variety of shades and shapes, so you’ll surely find one that will fit the theme and motif of your reception.

illuminated parasols wedding decoration

Romantic wedding decor idea -Floating colorful candles

floating candles wedding decoration

Another great lighting idea for your wedding is floating a group of small, multicolored candles on a shallow bowl filled with color water. Again, this wedding decoration idea is elegant yet inexpensive. Pick at least three ‘near’ colors to your wedding motif. Choose a transparent shallow bowl so the colored water, which you can do yourself by adding food flavoring or dye to the water, can be seen by the guests around the tables. You can also add rose petals to the water for a more romantic effect.

floating candles-wedding-centerpiece idea

Not only is this a great centerpiece idea, you can also use it on the VIP table and even at the buffet table. What’s great about these candles is that they can stave away flies, so it’s a practical wedding decoration idea for outdoor weddings.

Certain   wedding stylists  are not fans of utilizing candles as wedding decorations , simply because they might present a fire risk . That is  easy to understand  as no one  would want wedding reception decorating ideas  to pose a risk. Anyway, not all candles need a real  flame.  You can easily electric replica candles that can be substituted and many of them possess a very attractive  design.


Delicious fruit design 

 fruit wedding centerpiece ideas

Candles and flowers are usually seen in weddings, so if you want a unique design, then go for a colorful fruit centerpiece. You don’t necessarily have to use the real things. You can use plastic models and place them on a basket in a visually appealing way. A fruit centerpiece can further be improved by adding flowers, leaves, and other designs. A colorful fruit design is a wedding decoration idea you can also use on the gift table, buffet table and the VIP table.

Candy towers and vases

candy wedding decor ideas

A great wedding decoration idea is to stock up vases and towers with candy instead of flowers. What’s nice about this design is that it’s visually appealing, and at the same time you know the design will not wither and waste. Choose multi-colored candies such as M&M’s for a spring or summer wedding, or you can choose certain-colored jellybeans to match your motif.

candy-decorations wedding

Coming up with  cool and stylish  wedding decor ideas is really  something   worth investing the time and money  in. Quality innovate  ideas for your wedding can often greatly boost the way a  wedding  event looks.