Captivating Wedding Picture Ideas

Wondering how your wedding photos will turn out? here are some of the wedding picture ideas to make it look captivating. Wedding is every girl’s dream right from her childhood for weddings are the best moments of our lives and these wedding photo ideas will help you not to forget the best ones and to capture the cherished moments.

happy wedding picture

Bride’s dress and shoes:

Every girl spends a lot of time shopping for her all time favorite wedding dress and the best shoes that matches well, don’t miss to take a snap of your lovely gown and the stylish shoes, for these pictures will always bring back the smile when you look at it. Is clothing and shoes not our best friends? This is one of the wedding picture idea, for it will usually be forgotten.

wedding dress and shoes

Wedding cake:

Nowadays you can choose the design of your cake according to the theme or your dress pattern to make it look absolutely stunning, and this is another thing to be captured, for once the cake gets cut you’ll never have time to capture it, show your kids the picture of your lovely yummy wedding cake.

wedding cake

Mirror View:

Another lovely wedding picture idea is to take a picture of you, once you get all set for the wedding and, capture the front and back using the mirror and make sure you take them as soon as you get dressed up, as you’ll be fresh and looking good.

Lovely bride

That solemn moment:

The most awaited moment of the wedding is when you take the oath, and isn’t it the best part of the whole wedding process, this is a must have picture in your album and cover the entire area, and ask your photographer to make it really good, for this is one of the most important picture.


Wedding solemn moment picture

Bride and her bridesmaids

You must’ve chosen your near and dear ones to accompany you on your wedding and how can you forget to capture a picture with them, stand together with your maids and give a lovely pose for a lovely picture, isn’t it cute?

Bride and her maids

On the dance floor:

This is one of the fun moments and a romantic one too, capture a picture of your first dance on the wedding floor, and cherish the memory forever.

Wedding dance floor

Cake cutting:

Click a picture of you and you better half cutting the wedding cake, one of the beautiful moments to be remembered, for first ones are always the best.

Cake cutting picture

Procession after wedding:

The picture shows Prince William and Princess Catherine in their royal procession after their wedding, look at the joy in both their faces, why don’t you click a picture like this on your wedding, be it a chariot or a car, anything will look good.

Procession after wedding

Final touch:

Finish your wedding album with a final thank you picture of you both together and add words of thanks to the picture, they’ll look fantastic, make your own idea of the pose or try one like this.

cute wedding picture

Your photographer will capture all other pictures and these are just a few wedding picture ideas, so that you don’t miss out these best moments.