An Easy Recipe on How To Make Frozen Yogurt

When it’s really hot outside, or you simply just want to cool down, knowing how to make frozen yogurt is good.  Who knew you could whip up something this delicious in your very own kitchen? And no worries, because there will no cooking, so your kitchen will stay clean. But of course, a homemade frozen yogurt is better than buying from frozen yogurt shops because you know the ingredients that you used in making it. This icy treat is very quick and easy to make.

Delicious Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

Here are the ingredients that you will need when making frozen yogurt:

2 cups thick Greek yogurt

1 pint  fresh organic strawberries

½ cup pure cane sugar

Pinch of salt

This recipe is about making frozen yogurt in an ice cream maker, so be sure that you have one. Another equipment that you should have is a potato masher. Or if there is none available, you can mash it manually.

First you have to slice your washed and hulled pint of strawberries. It is better to have sweetened strawberries to complement the tangy flavor of the yogurt. Add the pinch of salt and half cup of sugar to the strawberries and mash it well together.

Add the 2 cups of yogurt to the mixture. If there is no Greek yogurt available, it is alright to choose regular yogurts. Mix the yogurt and the mashed strawberry mixture until it is well combined. Place the mixture inside the fridge for at least an hour.

After chilling the mixture, pour it in your ice cream maker. Churn the mixture and after that, you’re done!

There are several frozen yogurt brands that you can choose from. But if you know how to make frozen yogurt by your own, why not? It will be beneficial for you too. Yogurt can help in overcoming lactose intolerance. It also helps fight off digestive tract infections. Milk protein is sometimes difficult for the body to digest, but with the help of yogurt, it becomes easier.

Homemade frozen yogurt ideas:

Blackberry yogurt

pumpkin homemade frozen yogurt

Yummi blackberry yogurt

homemade blackberry frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt benefits:
There are several more benefits of yogurt for the body. A delicious treat such as this is something that you should have more often. It is a good source of potassium, protein, calcium, vitamin B12 and riboflavin. Just remember that too much of anything is not so good too. Have your frozen yogurt in moderate amounts. And since you know how to make frozen yogurt, for sure your fridge will never run out of it.