Cardamom-Orange Coconut Flaxjacks!


Cardamom-Orange Coconut Flaxjacks!

So I promised about 5 days ago that I was going to work on making a more palatable version of Ani Phyo’s Coconut Breakfast Cakes (which some of you have tried and weren’t crazy about), and I finally got around to making “breakfast” for lunch after work today.

So here’s the deal with the original recipe – it was too sweet, too heavy, and too flax-y (even for self-proclaimed flax lovers like Bianca).  In addition, the directions weren’t very clear; you’re given the option of using a certain amount of whole flax seeds or another amount of already-ground flax seeds.  What isn’t explained is that if you’re using whole, you’re meant to grind them before using them in the recipe, which I’ve heard has led to sweet flax seed mush rather than cakes on more than one occasion, including for a dear friend of mine (who will remained unnamed).  So looking at the original ingredients, this is how I worked it out… First, I cut down on the agave nectar.  Not only is there too much, that stuff is pricey!  Keep some of it for later.  Second, I got rid of the coconut oil.  In the colder part of the year (which is a lot of it here in Minnesota) I have a hard time keeping my coconut oil as a liquid anyway, and I think that the fats from the flax provide plenty to satisfy.  And third, I replaced some of the ground flax with finely ground shredded coconut.  This maintains the dry bulk but is less cloying than all flax, and keeps the coconut in the breakfast cake.

Well that’s all great, A-K, you might be saying, but what about the liquid you’re losing by cutting out the oil and reducing the agave?  What did you do about that?  Well, I’ll tell you – and this one is a double zinger – fresh orange juice!  Not only does it make up for the liquid portion, it also adds a lovely fresh flavor.  I took that flavor cue even further and added a little ground cardamom.  And it was good.  Behold the lovely texture:

Cardamom-Orange Coconut Flaxjacks! Recipe


Not really big on cardamom?  Not feeling the o.j. love?  Get with a fall theme and use cinnamon and apple or pear juice instead.  Any fruit juice and spice combo you like will do!  If you haven’t tried Ani’s original recipe, or you have but weren’t that into it, I hope this will help you get some daily omega-3′s with a smile on your face… and without the need for anything fancier than a spice mill, bowl, and stirring implement.  (If you use pre-ground flax meal and finely shredded coconut you won’t even need the spice mill!  But remember that freshly ground is ideal, and remember to keep your flax seeds fresher longer by storing them in the fridge or freezer.)

Top them with fresh fruit, or a raw “syrup” made from fruit, dates, and some orange juice whizzed up in the blender.  I had mine with peaches, blueberries, and date syrup.  This recipe doubles, triples, or quadruples easily, if you’re making for more than just yourself.  I think this little cake of breakfast love is very nomnomnom!

Cardamom Orange Coconut Flaxjacks!


Cardamon-Orange Coconut Flaxjacks (makes 2 small cakes):

1/4 c plus 1 tbsp whole flax seeds

1/4 c dried (unsweetened) shredded coconut

small pinch sea salt (optional)

pinch ground cardamom

3 tbsp fresh orange juice

1 tbsp agave nectar

Grind flaxseeds to a fine powder in a spice mill or coffee grinder and place in a small bowl.  Grind the coconut if it is not already very finely shredded, and add to flax.  Stir in the rest of the ingredients until a “dough” is formed.  Divide in two and roll each half into a ball, then flatten into a pancake shape.  Serve topped with fruit or fresh fruit syrup.