5 Things I Do To Eat Healthier

1. Be Prepared
This is so important, I can’t go on enough about how important it is to be prepared, make sure you’ve always got healthy food in the fridge and not just ingredients to make a meal, make sure you have healthy snacks too.
5 Things I Do To Eat Healthier

A few healthy bits I picked up on a shopping trip
Another thing I always do is prepare my lunches ahead of time, when I’m at work buying food is expensive and hard to find anything healthy and tasty. So a couple of times a week I make a batch of something so I never find myself in that situation!

2. Fill Up On Veggies

I’ve always loved my veggies but they were always bottom of the pack, now I try harder to incorporate vegetables (or fruit) in to every meal and they really fill you up, if you aim to fill half your plate with them you won’t be able to chuck on as much pasta either! I always have some berries with breakfast and now I’ve promised myself that I’ll have at least two veggies with dinner and lunch.

Half a plate of green veggies with Harissa chicken and couscous
The great thing about a lot vegetables is that they are naturally a fast food, some of my favourites for instance, broccoli, peas, spinach, tomatoes, avocado, cucumber can be on the table instantly or at the most boiled for 5 minutes!

3. Watch Your Portion Sizes

I know a lot of people don’t like having to weigh everything but it has helped me so much, rather than just chucking pasta or rice into a pan I weigh out the exact amount so I know exactly what I’m eating and I don’t end up chucking any away!
Fry up

A massive fry up I made and ate a few months ago, I may have gone overboard!

This really helps me keep control of my portions sized otherwise I can be a little heavy handed, I would say don’t get to obsessed with this and counting calories, if you do, it can become obsessive very easy! Don’t stop going out to eat or letting people cook for you just because you’re worried what’s in it!

4. Be Clever

Don’t think that you can’t cook your favourite recipe because it’s full of fat and high in calories, there are some super food swaps out there! One thing I swear my is the Total 0% Fat Greek yoghurt, this stuff tastes incredible and you can swap it for anything creamy!

Serving pasta in a smaller bowl so I feel like I have more, actually works

Here’s a few of my favourites

Mayonnaise – Mashed avocado or natural yoghurt
Potato – Sweet potato
Sweets – Frozen grapes
Meat in stews/curries – Beans and chickpeas
Rice – Grated cauliflower zapped in the microwave
Tortilla – Lettuce wraps

You can always cut down the oil used in recipes too, I only ever use 1 – 2 tsp per person per meal in my recipes!

5. Have a Treat

The thought of never being able to eat chocolate brownies again is hell, however much I love healthy food and I really really do, sometime you need to cheat. Every Sunday I eat what I want, mostly chocolate and chips (not together) and it really helps make things easier during the week, if for instance on a Friday night I really fancy some Ben and Jerry’s I’m less tempted because I know on Sunday I can have some without the guilt. I’ve still lost weight this way and I’m so much healthier and happier than I’ve ever been.
Fish and Chips

One of my favourite cheat meals, fish and chips at my local chippy!

I hope you all enjoy my healthy tips!