Employment options for Mums

Employment options for MumsAs a mother, it can be quite difficult to try to balance a job or any kind of work alongside your parental duties. Often you have lots of commitments such as picking children up from school, taking them to appointments at the doctor and dentist etc, and in general just making sure that you are available in case of sickness or emergency. A steady nine to five job does not always suit this lifestyle, which needs to stay flexible. However, there are several versatile employment opportunities that you may want to consider in order to balance your work and home life effectively.

Cataloguing is a commission based employment opportunity that allows you to work from home. You sign up with a company to deliver their catalogues and take orders for the products, and you receive a commission based on the amount of money the customer spends. If you keep your eyes peeled, you may be able to deliver and collect catalogues in your local area without getting too far from home. There are plenty of companies that offer franchise opportunities and this kind of work can be very interesting as you can get involved with a specific brand and help it to reach out to more people.

Another option for working from home in your own time is finding a job online that can be completed entirely over the internet. A good way of earning money is to participate in market research. You will get paid small sums for completing surveys expressing your opinions on products, ideas and so on. Although it may seem like a tiny amount of money per survey, often these surveys take no more than fifteen minutes. Longer surveys usually reward a higher amount of pay accordingly. Alternatively, you could look for an online position copywriting or transcribing for a company who produce written documents. These are the kind of jobs to look for to preserve your flexible home life.