Front or Rear facing pushchair – which to pick?

which push chairWhen it comes to having a baby, there’s a big old list of things to buy and one of the biggest and most important purchases is a pushchair. It may seem like a straightforward thing to buy, but in reality there are a great deal of different types, makes and styles to choose from, which can make your decision making a little harder.

One of the biggest choices to make when picking your pushchair is to decide whether you want a front or rear facing pushchair. A front facing pushchair means that your baby is looking away from you, but can start exploring the sights and sounds of the world, but they’re also more exposed to the elements. On the other hand a rear facing pushchair means that they are facing you, so there’s an added feeling of security, but they won’t have that exploration factor. A rear facing pushchair means you can easily see your baby and reassure them should they become upset.

Luckily, modern technology is ever evolving and this means that today you might not have to choose one or the other – you can have both. Yes, recently there has been a large influx of newly designed pushchairs that are reversible. This means you can talk to and check on your baby when you need to, but you can also switch the pushchair to a forward facing position so they get a totally different view of the world – this is a great option for when kids start to get a little older and want to engage with other people and the outside world.

There are lots of different styles to choose from, as well as well known makes. The key is to take a good look at the pushchair before deciding – is it easy to use, comfortable for your baby and does it have all the storage space you need? It’s also worth reading reviews before making your purchase; other mums should be able to give you feedback on the pushchair’s pros and cons.