How to get pregnant with twins

how to get pregnant with twinsTips on How to get pregnant with twins naturally

While there’s no exact formula to get pregnant with twins, many parents who were able to conceive a duo claim there are factors which can help you “hit two birds with one stone.” There’s no harm in trying them, so if you want to have twins, you can follow these tips.

Have a history of twin pregnancy in the family.

If you have relatives who conceived twins, then you will have a higher chance of having twins. With this running in the family, you are most likely to have inherited a gene for hyper ovulation, which can help you get pregnant with twins.

twin pregnancy
twin pregnancy

Marry someone who has a familial history of multiple births.

If you don’t have twins in the family, the best way you can have a duo at birth is to be conceived by a partner with such relatives. The tendency to give birth to fraternal twins is high if your husband came from a family of twins, triplets, and even more!

Weigh more.

While most women want to maintain a sexy body prior to conceiving, studies by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology have shown that ‘plumper’ women had higher chances of getting pregnant with twins. In fact, obese women – those with a body mass index of 30 – have a greater tendency to give birth to fraternal twins.


Wait until you’re 45 years or older.

Doctors advise women to get pregnant at ages lesser than 35, but if you want to give birth to twins, then you can try getting pregnant at an older age – specifically at 45 and up. Studies have shown that the ovulation process occurs faster in older women, resulting in higher chances of having twins. However, if you get pregnant at this age you have a higher risk of suffering from a miscarriage or developing a complication such as Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. Your offspring might also be predisposed to genetic problems.

Try to get pregnant while breastfeeding.

Contrary to popular beliefs, breastfeeding mothers can get pregnant. At this point they even have a higher chance of conceiving twins. Dr. Gary Steinman have made studies that show that breastfeeding mothers are nine times more likely to get pregnant with twins.

Go for In Vitro Fertilization.

in vitro fertilization

This method is actually one of the surest things that can help you get pregnant with twins. For some reason, most of the women who underwent In Vitro Fertilization got pregnant with identical twins. However, you will only be given assistance in this field if the doctor sees that you need such help.