Parenting Tips: Rewards and Punishments

rewards and punishmentMost parents are naturally good with raising their kids – including you and me as well – but there are detailed aspects that often neglected. There is nothing wrong with not paying attention to details like these, but when you do you will find a lot of positive effects for sure. In this part, we are going to discuss about rewards and punishments and how we can use them effectively to motivate our kids.

Rewards are often offered to motivate children to do certain things. Most parents use statements such as “I will give you ….. if you do …..”, which is OK in most cases. However, you can actually teach your kids to be responsible by offering rewards using a slightly different approach. Instead of offering the rewards directly, you can simply give rewards – randomly – whenever your kids do positive things or accomplish things.

Punishments, on the other hand, must be used subtly. A punishment too harsh can impose negative trauma in the minds of our kids; this is the last thing we parents would want. Instead, lay some ground rules and stick to it. Again, this can teach kids to be responsible. Sit down with your kids and discuss the basic rules, and then impose those rules. They unconsciously know that if they don’t follow the rules they will receive punishments; after a while, your kids will feel the importance of being responsible and behaving nicely.

Use this approach and rewards as well as punishments can be superb motivational tools.