Interesting Facts about Mexico

Interesting tourist facts about Mexico

Mexico is the number 1 tourist destination in all of the countries in Latin America. Beautiful beaches, Meso-american ruins, and colonial cities are just some of the famous sights in Mexico. If you’re thinking of visiting this tropical country, then here are some interesting tourist facts about Mexico.

Mexico is home to the grandest ruins of ancient times.

tulum-mexico ruins

Located 50 kilometers northeast of Mexico is Teotihuajan, home to the biggest pyramid in all of Mexico – the Pyramid of the Sun. Teotihuajan flourished in the 2nd century BC, and boasted of huge edifices, such as the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon. Unfortunately, the civilization fell into ruins, and 700 years later their majestic pyramids became a hub for the Aztecs.

A visit to Mexico is not complete without making a pilgrimage to Teotihuajan, which you can reach by a bus or a taxi from the city capital.

Chichen-Itza mexico

Another feat of Meso-American architecture is the Chichen Itza, a large Mayan civilization in the Yucatan Peninsula. Here, a visitor should visit the El Castillo temple pyramid, which boasts of a total of 356 steps. Other ruins to visit are the El Caracol and the Great Ballcourt.

Mexico boasts of kilometers of stunning beaches.

In the Yucatan Peninsula lies another tourist treasure: the Tulum beach.


It once served as a port for the Mayan city of Coba. There are no ruins to appreciate here, but instead, you’ll be amazed with the sparkling clear waters and white sand coastlines. You can stay at simple cabanas or you can splurge money at the 4-star Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa.

white sand Tulum-Beach-Mexico

Los Cabos, another beautiful beach district, is located at the Baja California Peninsula. After from being a topnotch swimming destination, Los Cabos is the best place for vacationers who enjoy sport fishing. Visit Los Cabos during wintertime and you’ll be amazed at the sight of whales frolicking in the Pacific Ocean.

Mexico has well-preserved colonial cities.


Guanajuato, which was founded in 1554, is a city which teems with silver mines. The wealth of the city is obvious in the elaborate buildings and edifices in the city. Colorful Guanajuato is a must-visit for any tourist in Mexico.


Another historic city to visit is Morelia, Michoacan. The city is famous for its Centro Historico which spans 150 blocks and boasts of 1000 historical destinations. At this historic downtown area you can visit a centuries-old Cathedral and an ancient aqueduct.

Mexico is the best destination for beach lovers and history enthusiasts alike. So if you plan on visiting the country, remember to drop by the aforementioned sites.

Mexico is  the very famous  in the world for its culture and foods, it’s a great place to visit and to discover  interesting facts about Mexico.