How To Dress for Maternity Stylishly

With so much of our favorite A-list stars expecting their firdt baby or another addition to their gorgeous families, we reckon that covering about maternity fashion today is an extremely great time. We’ve got different first time mothers-to-be and those who are veterans in this area already. From Chrissy Teigen, 76 Hathaway, to Kim Kardashian.

Now just because you are carrying a life other than your own does not mean that you look horrible and “unfit”. Women on maternity are just as hot and beautiful as those who are not. What you wanna do is to know when to hide or show off your baby bump and still look amazingly stylish during te nine months that you will be pregnant.

The question is: how? Well, well. Check out some tips and tricks we have curated below to make your maternity period as stylish as your usual days.

The first thing that you want to consider is this: what do you aim to do with your maternity outfit? Do you want to cover up your baby bump? Or find a clothing thay will complement with it well? There really isn’t any particular time during your maternity where you should wear something that will hide or show off your baby bump.

wrap coat maternitywrap maternity dress

A little tip that we could give, though, is that oftentimes, it is far better to aim on hiding your bump in the first quarter of your pregnancy. At that point, your baby bump is not as obvious yet. During those days, you can go for loose and dark apparels that could hide your still not so obvious bulging tummy.

tiny baby bump

large baby bump

There are unforgiving colors and fabrics that you want to steer clear off during pregnancy. Avoid bright colors, satin and loud prints or patterns because these stuff are simply too unforgiving to baby bumps. You want to keep your maternity wardrobe full of dark, solid-colored clothes that could never go wrong in any maternity outfit.

all black maternity outfitdark maternity outfit

While loose garments are the more frequently used among pregnant ladies, this does not mean that it is always the best kind of maternity clothes. You may want to consider those stretchable and slim fit garments that are also great for any kind of maternity outfit throughout the duration of the pregnancy. Your pregnant body is a huge factor on pulling off any maternity outfit that you will be wearing, rememver that.

lycra maternity dress

Lastly, just because you are pregnant, it does not mean that you have to take a break from your usual outfits, so long as you are comfortable with what you are wearing, any kind of outfit, especially one that will suit and be at par with your fashion style. If you are into edgy styles, then don’t let your pregnany hinder yourself from wearing what you like the most.

all denim maternity outfitedgy maternity outfit