Stylish Ideas for Making DIY Clothes

Shopping for clothes can be very addictive. Sometimes, when you find a good design for something and you know you have enough money to splurge, getting it in every color may seem very tempting but later on you’ll realize how much you can regret doing so. There are times when you will want a whole closet revamp and while sorting out clothes, you’ll find that you still have some clothes that you haven’t worn in a while but are still good.

The simplest and cheapest way to go about changing up your old clothes’ style and revamping your closet at a very minimal cost is to make your own DIY clothes. Below are some fabulous and stylish ideas you can try to make from pieces you already own.

  • Crop top – crop tops are very trendy these days. You’ll see ladies wearing them with jeans, shorts and sometimes even over a dress. Making your own crop top is as easy as taking a slightly loose (but not baggy) shirt, cutting off the thick neckline, the sleeves hemline, and then crop off as much  as you want at the bottom part. Usually, going about ¾ of the way should be enough.

diy crop top

crop top and dress

  • Lace cuffed denim shorts / jeans – lace is a very delicate looking fabric that, when added to any piece of clothing, gives off an instant romantic and girly vibe. Dress up your plain jeans and sew on strips on lace on the cuffs to add a very feminine details to your jeans.

laced jean cuffs

laced denim shorts hem

  • Corset tops – corset tops used to be very popular back in the Victorian era but they sure are making a huge comeback now and their hotter and sexier than ever with the most popular styles being midriffs. For such a small piece of clothing, they sure can be very pricey though. However, if you’ve got enough creative juices flowing about, all it takes is an old (or new) strapless bra, some colorful and printed fabric and a little bit of sewing here and there.

diy corset top

corset top

  • Distressed jeans – sometimes when you have too many pairs of jeans, two or more will start to look alike. Give your jeans a bit of a twist and some attitude by distressing them. Distressed jeans are very easy to do and they make your jeans look totally rock and roll but still casual.

colored distressed jeans

distressed jeans outfit

  • Embellished shirt – t-shirts are great for casual lazy lounging days but why not dress them up a little by putting on some embellishments? Buttons, lace, ruffles, bows, whatever you can think of would look good on a shirt, you can sew on to add a bit of interesting detail to a plain old boring shirt.

rosette embellished shirtdiy embellished shirt